Carbon Reduction Solutions


Carbon Reporting

Baseline Emissions

Develop an overview of your Scope 1 & 2 emissions generated from direct energy consumption. Identify patterns and hot spots, areas of high impact emissions. Generate a baseline footprint total to kickoff your Zero Carbon plan and reduce your footprint.

Carbon Reporting

Value Chain Emissions

Focus on advanced emissions across your product and service life cycles. Outlining upstream (supplier) and downstream (product) emissions adds depth and breadth to your Zero Carbon plan. High energy data points will be targeted to minimise total value chain emissions.

Zero Carbon

Alignment of scope 1 and 2 emissions with the IPCC 1.5 pathway. This plan uses your baseline reporting to generate annual milestones including short progress points. Operational focus across energy management, including the adoption of renewables and low carbon substitutes.

Carbon Pathway

Offsetting Solutions

Engage with employees, customers and stakeholders to promote your climate action journey

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