Offsetting Solutions


Offset as a Service

Net Zero Group have developed and trademarked OaaS ® enabling any product, service or transaction to be offset in full or in part. Partners such as Santander and Lloyds Black Horse utilise the carbon calculator to encourage customers to measure their driving emissions and offset them to drive Carbon Neutral. The consumer facing brand of Net Zero Group is iOffset® which evolved from proprietary consumer research which revealed consumers latent demand for Carbon Neutral products and a desire to say “i” Offset.

The emissions of any product or service can be footprinted by Net Zero Group and subsequently offset to enable the status of Carbon Neutral to be achieved. Based on the principle of sourcing credits directly from the project developer, the Net Zero Group Intelligent portfolio management system generates blended portfolios based on project type, standard, location and advanced accreditations.

Carbon Credits

Voluntary carbon offsetting is a critical part of a net zero plan yet requires consideration and due diligence to support the correct projects. Net Zero Group has developed a portfolio of energy and nature-based solutions and regenerative offset solutions including; Reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD), Afforestation, peatland protection, domestic tree planting in the UK and renewable energy projects. The blend of credits will be bespoke for your business using a data driven methodology.

UK & International Projects

Net Zero Group have engaged and partnered directly with a number of international and domestic projects which generated maximum value for both the developer and end client. A holistic and systematic portfolio of regenerative and carbon avoidance solutions that mitigate climate-related impacts has been developed and can be utilised and supported by our clients. All projects provide qualitative and quantitative assessments to showcase the impact of client investment for local people and the planet.

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