Carbon Expert

Carbon Expert

Net Zero Group enables businesses and individuals to take control of their carbon emissions and make small, simple and sustainable changes to reduce carbon wherever possible.

The platform helps REDUCE your corporate impact, OFFSET unavoidable emissions and SHARE your zero-carbon pathway.

Carbon Accounting & Reporting Solutions

  • Net Zero Group undertake SECR reporting (Scopes, 1, 2 & 3) for partners
  • Identify carbon hot spot activities and promote low-carbon alternatives
  • Produce a footprint report and use smart metrics to identify areas for reduction
  • Align with the Paris 1.5 oC target

Current Data Sources

  • Flight data : DEFRA with supplementary methodology from Professor Mike Bernes-Lee
  • Rail data : DEFRA based on distance travelled
  • Car data : DVLA grams per KM
  • Hotel data : BEIS - x42 countries analysed
  • CO2 equivalent data source : Professor Mike Bernes-Lee
Cardbon Emissions Breakdown
Figure 1: Reproduced with permission of Small World Consulting

Perpetual carbon calculation development is required to increase the accuracy of data and subsequently consumer engagement.

Net Zero Group engaged one of the world’s leading carbon experts Professor Mike Berners Lee to develop a number of lifestyle persona’s from a carbon footprint perspective.

Additionally, the individual carbon calculator has been developed with proprietary analysis from Professor Mike Berners-Lee in addition to BEIS/DEFRA data. The average carbon footprint of a UK citizen is 13 tonnes and is made up of four distinctive areas; food, home and accommodation, travel and everything else.

25% Food
23%Food & Drink from Shops
2%Eating Out
25% Home & Accomodation
3%Accomodation Away from Home
11%Household Fuel
5%Household Electricity
27% Travel
11%Vehicle Fuel
3%Car Manufacture
9%Personal Flights
2%Ferry Crossings & Cruises
2%Buses & Other Transport
23% Everything Else
7%Other Non-food Shopping
1%Leisure, Recreation & Attractions
3%Other Bought Services
2%Water, Waste & Sewerage
10%Health, Education & Other Public Services

Professor Mike Berners-Lee

Personal Carbon Footprint